We are the Shock Masters. We take our name seriously. We have been in the suspension business for over 20 years focusing on selling quality suspension at quality prices. When we first started we would only sell original manufacturer parts; luckily as aftermarket parts have become the standard we have curated the best to be able to offer them to you.

And with all that being said, we also have heard your requests! So we have expanded our lines of offerings. We no longer are only Shocks, we sell a wide variety of product lines curated for your needs.

We also create and collect the best guides to make sure you can install the parts easily without the need for a lift or a fitted garage. Most recently we have partnered with carclub.app to be able to help our customers find local installers if you don’t want to install them yourself.

We recently did a poll and the #1 reason that our customers LOVE us is because of our customer service. We pick up the phone! While we also offer chat and email support, we have MASTERS standing by to make sure your visit is a successful one.

So when it comes to buying aftermarket products online, come to the Masters!